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History of the Lord Jeff

Abe Glazer gave the Lord Jeff "her" name.  In the haberdashery business, Abe cut a dashing figure and was given the nickname "Lord Jeff" by at least one customer.  So looking the clean lines of this Galaxy sloop, designed by Bill Tripp, it is not surprising that he saw fit to bestow his own nickname on his new boat, when he bought it from Bill McCallister in 1967.

Abe Glazer liked a relaxing sail (paper and pipe), so he was always happy to let others do the "hard work" of sailing!  Thus the Williams Family spent many a hot Summer day in good company aboard the Lord Jeff, enjoying the clean waters and cooling breezes of Oyster Bay and Long Island Sound.

Today, Jack Williams still cultivates the fine tradition of the "relaxing sail" and does not hesitate to put his crew to work, hoisting sails and cranking the winches, while discussing local lore and politics!  If this is your kind of work, then we hope to see you soon at the dock!

Details about the ship

  William H. Tripp Jr.

  Galaxy 32

  Remembering Bill Tripp


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